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You thought we were all about telecoms?

Did you know that we also offer services regarding CCTV, Data and Security?

Yes, you’ve read it correct! Even though we specialize in telecommunications we also specialize in other services. Some of the services we introduced to help us obtain our objective of a one stop company. Thus, saving you time, money and effort while getting it done the way you like, the first time. Some of these other services we offer our clients are:


  • CCTV
  • Data Cabling Services
  • Other Security Products


Data cables is what makes all our communications function these days and thus the reason why we offer various data cable productsOptic cable Data ,CCTV and Security and services to our clients. We do the installation of these cables in a neat and professional manner as we believe in cleanliness concerning the way we install cables.  We install only the highest quality cables available to suit and fulfill your company requirements. We  will install Cat5E and Cat6E data cables for use with data like Ethernet and video to name a few. We can also install and supply single and multi mode optic fibre cables on which we do splicing, fault finding and media convertors.


Closed circuit television is still one of the most effective ways to curb crime within your premises, whether it is to control losses from your own staff or if you run a retail store and cannot be everywhere at once to check up on suspicious people entering your premises. CCTV evidence is widely used in various criminal court cases to  ensure positive convictions due to sufficient evidence. It is somewhat difficult to argue with physical evidence and therefore this option is still a favorite amongst business owners. We install IP cameras as well as PT2 cameras.We supply and install DVR`s which is PC based or embedded and supply and install high quality Screens. Should you need more information or a quotation regarding our CCTV, please click the button below.

Other Security

We pride ourselves in providing our clients with a wide variety of other security hardware and software products. We supply, install and maintain all of these products to ensure your safety and access controls working at optimum capacity at all times. We supply various models of the following products to suit your requirements.

  • Beams
  • Boomgates
  • Electric Fencing
  • Gate motors
  • Turnstar gates
  • Biometrix access control
  • Strikers


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