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Call Center Applications

Call Centre Applications is software that assist the company to route calls to the correct agent in the fastest possible time. We all know just how frustrating it can be to contact a company and then have to hold the line endlessly before we get to the correct person or department. Call Centre applications aim at assisting companies call centres to reach specific objectives. These may include mainly the following.

Improvement of first call resolution. – Not only do this saves you time and money it also promote your company service to its clients. Having a call routed correct the first time around and having a knowledgeable agent answering the phone can dramatically improve service to your client while saving you on cost and time. The higher these first call resolutions, the less staff you need to assist with clients.

The reduction of average queue time. – This needs very little explanation as we all have been in the situation where we have to hold for minutes. This not only frustrates clients but also could lose you money especially if this is in your sales department. People don`t like waiting too long for assistance. It is like any other regular queue.

Increased Productivity – Increasing the call volume an agent can handle per hour is probably the most important aspect of any call centre. This determine your cost of running a call centre. By having the calls routed as it should you can save time by having the correct agent take the call instead of him having to play the middleman. This assist that the correct agent take the call allowing other agents to concentrate on their calls. By doing this you will need less staff and have less expenses.

The Reduction of cost per call – By bringing all of the above into consideration one can determine the cost per call handled. This is the measuring unit to determine the productivity and the profitability of any call centre as well as the ROI. By having this measurement tool you will be able to make the necessary changes to your call centre to get it as close to 100% production levels as you possibly can.Call Center VsComms Call Center Applications

How do we do this:

Various software applications is available. The type of call centre applications you will need will be determined by your businesses specific needs as well as your preferred requirements. This is why one of our product specialist should come to your offices, sit down with you and discuss your needs. This will help him to assess your requirements and give you the best possible advise for the correct infrastructure that will not only save you time and money, but something that will help you improve on your productivity as well.

Various applications are available.

Automatic Call Distribution or ACD – Your calls will get distributed to the first available agent or by the variables or rules you choose. It can even be set to route to a specific agent with the knowledge or required skill to assist the caller. ACD allows you to determine the set of instructions according to which your callls will get routed.

The use of computers to manage telephone calls is referred to as CTI (Computer telephony integration) Some of the uses is
touch tone entered input and a recorded voice to determine the routing of the call as well as the management of voice and video calls.

Interactive voice response. РCan be used as advertising while your client remain on hold. This will educate your client about your products and services as well as helping him make better decisions about your product and service. Be sure that your client stay on the line while you up sell your products  and do not drop the call for being put on hold.

Call Centre Monitoring – Assist you with analyses of your call centre and agents productivity. Manage your agents by having real time reports on call durations, the amount of calls handled by an agent, cost of calls as well as overall performance of the call centre or agent. This is a must for savings on cost and an increase in revenue or productivity. Manage your agents to get the best ROI for your infrastructure.

This is just some of the applications that can be added onto your existing or new call centre infrastructure to be sure that you have a call centre that not only perform at an exceptional level but a system that is truly an asset to your company.

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