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We at VS Communications made it our mission to provide you with a one stop total telecommunication solution company. This way we know we save you money and time and we built lasting relationships with our clients. We promise to provide you with a personal professional and dedicated service to ensure that you get your telecommunication systems in place the first time. Some other services that we offer also include the following.

  • Voice mail – Voicemail is a digital recording that can be used to manage incoming and outgoing messages through means of an on site or off site system. Depending on the purpose you want to use the voice mail for you can choose from various mail systems. This also depend on the hardware and the software used for the mail system and also on who is providing the messaging service. Two methods of voice mail that can be used is PC technology and proprietary systems using equipment designed and supplied by a voice mail service provider.Voice mail for businesses is based either on or off-site and generally have an automated attendant that guides both internal and external users through commands to either leave or retrieve messages.
  • LCR Routing. – This service enables you to make cell phone or landline calls from a PABX phone where all the cell phone calls made on that phone will be routed through a system that allows you to only pay cell phone to cell phone fees. Your Land line will only be billed for all the land line calls you make from the phone. You also have 2 incoming lines on the one system as the one is on the cell phone number and the other on the land line. Just another way you can cut on cost and improve your bottom line.

  • VoIP – Change the way you communicate by utilizing the power of the internet. This method will give you dramatic savings on all your communication expenses. Please click the above button to read more about this powerful technology.
  • PABX - Providing you with the top of the range high quality professional equipment to manage the way your institution handle incomming as well as outgoing communications. Let us give you a free assessment to determine what would be best for your company in order to increase productivity whilstreducing cost.
  • Fault Logging – Make use of our quick response, professional technicians and fast turn around times to resolve any problem you may have. Let us do the maintenance on your existing or new infrastructure and save time and money! Click here and one of our technicians will get in contact with you asap.
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